EPA Lead Safe

Power/Pressure Washing

When done properly, a professional power washing can help you protect the look and value of your property by removing damaging dirt, dust and mildew. Done improperly, however, the pressurized water can damage surfaces, break windows and even cause injury. It is also important that the correct cleaning solution be used based on the type of surface being cleaned, the potential for discoloration of that surface, and any plants or grass which could be affected by that solution.

All Star Painting is experienced in pressure washing all types of surfaces, including wood, brick and stucco. When you choose to work with our company, we will:

  • Inspect all surfaces prior to beginning the work to assess the type of dirt, stains and other materials needing to be removed
  • Clear and sweep decks, patios, stairs and other level surfaces and remove any pots, furniture or other items
  • Cover plants and grassy areas onto which any cleaning solutions could fall
  • Mix and apply the correct cleaning solution for the surface being cleaned as well as any stains being removed
  • Carefully spray and wash the area, paying special attention to corners and other areas into which dirt and other contaminants can collect
  • Allow the area to dry thoroughly, then inspect it again to ensure that it is as clean as possible

We recommend that stains and sealants be applied to wood surfaces after power washing on a regular basis to protect it from potential long-term damage.

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