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Interior Painting Services

Painting the interior of your home or office instantly refreshes tired rooms and allows you to express your own personal sense of style. When done right, it can also help set a mood, tell a story or create the perfect setting for something special.

If you are considering hiring a painting contractor to paint the interior of your home or business, call All Star Painting first. Choosing to work with our company not only means that your project will look beautiful-it will also be hassle free.

Preparing the Space
We begin every job by preparing the area to be painted. We take care of all of the heavy lifting, moving furniture and other heavy items into the middle of the room to protect them from any paint transfer. We also cover it, along with flooring, counters and other areas, to ensure they are not damaged. Switch plates and power outlet covers are covered or removed, along with any light fixtures which could be affected.

Clean and Repair
Once the room is prepared, we turn to the walls themselves. We remove cobwebs and clean dust from the woodwork and fill any cracks, holes or imperfections. If needed, we also treat mold and mildew to prevent further growth and/or damage.

We begin by priming walls and preparing them for a flawless coat of color. All Star utilizes the highest quality products, applying them with perfect precision. We carefully cut in around windows and door frames with perfect precision, take care to avoid lines or "lap marks" and always allow appropriate drying times between coats.

Finishing Up
Once the paint has dried and the job is complete, we carefully return furniture and other pieces to their original places. Coverings are removed, and floors are swept and vacuumed. Switch plates, fixtures and other items are replaced, and our tools removed from the site. We then conduct a final walk-through with you to ensure that the project has been finished to your satisfaction.

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